1$ extra transaction

Today I got a message about a transaction with my card I use for payments here. In the message it was written about 1$ taken from my card by this site and I would know what does it mean and for what this money was taken. Thank you in advance.

My both cards (for mother’s and my accounts) also have been charged today for $1…

Well I don’t exactly about Lingq, but I know in some other jobs of mine the one dollar charge or charges are to validate the account before the full amount is taken. If it’s like in some of my other jobs the charge should drop off in a day or two.

But that’s just my guess from experience.

No, I don’t think so, because my bill date is 21 (and yesterday my account was charged) and my mothers bill date is somewhere at the end of month. Btw, the message is not “The Linguist Institute Vancouver”, as usual, but lingqdotcom. I have heard a lot about different frauds, so I have set limits of my cards to zero.

Well I guess we’ll wait until those people who live in North America and can answer are awake to know for sure :)…

Hi everyone,

We did change our payment processor yesterday. This $1 charge is related to the move although I was told it wouldn’t happen. At any rate, please don’t worry there is nothing untoward going on. Those $1 charges will be refunded and your credit card information is safe. The charges will appear from lingqdotcom in the future.


I am the programmer in charge of the change from the old payment system (moneris) to the PayPal system (you should now have the ability to pay for Points, courses and your subscription using PayPal!).

Mark is on the West coast so he won’t be up for a little while to answer your questions.

The billing system has changed last night so there might be some glitches while we iron everything out with the payments.

Just hang tight!

It we are using credit card, now we have to enter CVV? (I do not remember my CVV’s… Eh…)

Yes you do. It is an extra measure of security :slight_smile: Although your previous credit card got transferred over without having to do that. So if your current credit card is still valid you don’t have to enter it again.


We have had to add the CVV number because we were getting a lot of fraudulent credit card use on the site. I’m not sure why people were doing it but they were buying large amounts of points with many different stolen credit card numbers. They weren’t using the points so it was all very strange. At any rate, we have added the CVV number which fraudsters are much less likely to have. I admit it is a pain but the system will remember it once you have entered it in the first time.

I do like the addition of CVV. because at the first time when I decided to become non-free member, my thought was “Why there is no CVV??” Creating new Internet cards is not very big deal - I use Internet-bank :slight_smile: