0.9 speed no more

Why has the 0.9 speed disappeared? 0.75 is too slow, 0.9 was just right.


Yeah, x0.9 speed isn’t available anymore. I’ll check with our developers if it’s in plans to add it back.


Great suggestion - it is still available on Android, but not (yet) available on web.

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0.9 speed was really useful, slower and sounded still quite natural. It would alos be useful to be able to change the speed in both directions (faster and slower) rather than having to click e.g. 5 times to get to the desired speed. Maybe 2 shortcuts (one for faster, one for slower) would be a rather simple solution to implement?


Agree with this comment 0.9 speed means the voice still sounds about right and is helpful when you need it just a bit slower to catch it - whereas 0.75 speed distorts too much.


No, LingQ 5 on Android has also moved to 0.75, it’s just too slow. The translations have also disappeared on Android.

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Hi Zoran

Yes, fully agree with comments on this thread … I do most of my study on laptop with Web browswer, and so agree that the 0.9 speed is just about right when you need it just a bit slower to catch it, but 0.75 speed is painfully slow especially for multiple or longer listening lessons.

(I realise you have other high priority ‘fixes’ to investigate, but would appreciate feedback on this when possible).

Btw, was there ever any consideration (now or in the future) for ‘CUSTOM’ speed selection like we find on Youtube and almost everywhere else?

Thanks, br Frank

Yes, agree 100%!

No, I don’t think custom speed selection was ever discussed so far, to be honest.

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That would be awesome if we could customize the audio speed as easily as some audiobook services do!


I just selected it right now in both Android and iOS. Not sure if they updated it since your last post, but check it out.

It’s available in both app versions.

I’ve got ‘2’, ‘1’, ’ . ’ (not showing speed), another ’ . ’ (even slower, not showing speed), another ’ . ’ (even slower), ’ . ’ (even slower). Then it goes back to ‘2’. Latest version on Huawei phone.

The 0.9 speed is back on the web version. Thank you LingQ!!!


Thank you lingQ for restoring 0.9 on the web version!!!

@Ralf_CT yeah, that is a bug. We will get it fixed.