( :-0 ) Neocon Ploy to Start WW3..?

Stephan Molyneux makes some good points - there is much room for skepticism about the latest incident in Syria. The fakenews-MSM are very corrupt/gullible about these things, I find.

Maybe the attack in Salisbury was, after all, part of a foul plot? Maybe it was preparing the ground for something much bigger?

Worrying times…

Rumors about Trump wanting to leave Syria in 6 months (remember when he criticized Obama for giving the enemy clear deadlines?)

Trump allegedly changes his mind (again) after discussing with MadDog Mattis

Convenient Chemical attack in Syria, either forcing him to stay there or to make the so-called isolationnists (in my mind, the peaceful crowd) look bad

Public discussion on Syria stops

We will soon find out if the U.S. still has Tomahawks. War is when the Left and Right come together to celebrate killing people.
I still don’t understand why it doesn’t matter when thousands are killed in various conflicts and it doesn’t matter as long as chemical weapons aren’t used. No one talks about Venezuela, DRC Congo, etc. etc.

“…I still don’t understand why it doesn’t matter when thousands are killed in various conflicts and it doesn’t matter as long as chemical weapons aren’t used…”

Well, I suppose there is a narrowly legal point - the use of chemical weapons being banned by international law, and sh_t like that…?

But, yeah, morally speaking it’s hard to see the real difference. It’d be pretty weird to say: ‘well, okay, so we may have killed that old lady going about her business in Iraq…but it wasn’t done with illegal weapons!’ It’s not like the old lady’s ghost is going to say: ‘hey, it’s cool dude - you didn’t do me with poison gas!’ (!)

You listen to this crackpot? I used to be a fan of his, until I realised he was mentally deranged. I thought people on LingQ were too intelligent to pay any attention to his nonsense.

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If he’s mentally deranged, I reckon he’s exactly on the same page as me! :-0

Apropos “deranged”…how about this :smiley:

David Icke is as fruity as a plum pudding and nutty as a bag of KP dry roasted peanuts! :smiley:

And yet…somehow there are some valid points among his epic fruit-cakery. For example: the way formal education deeply programs people’s thoughts from an early age, the (actually bizarre) way that money and power has always been concentrated in the hands of a relatively small self-serving elite (traditionally the aristocracy, more recently big finance, etc.)

You could accurately say that David is mad…and yet…and yet…

Take a look at the oddly convenient timeline:

March 30th 2017: Assad’s overthrow no longer a priority

April 4th 2017: Assad allegedly uses chemical weapons

April 3rd 2018: Trump tweets about leaving Syria

April 7th 2018: Alleged chemical attack in Douma (Syria)

The military industrial complex (this includes the media) does not even try to be subtle in their desire to keep our men and women in uniforms in countries we should never have been in. Bring them home!!

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No, he’s mad!

Is Mr Icke mad? Hmm… :slight_smile:

Well, he contends that the world is controlled by lizard masters who exist outside of our…er…‘bandwidth’…our realm of perception… He also contends that there are certain people within our world who have reptilian DNA - and that these act as plenipotentiaries or agents for the aforementioned lizards…

It isn’t clear to me whether Mr Icke really believes this? Some people (like Russel Brand) think that the whole thing is some kind of metaphor. But then again, a metaphor for what, exactly??

It is surprising quite how far one can enter into this extraordinary matrix of thought, if one is willing to accept certain premises…

BTW I’m not quite sure where actual lizards fit into the picture…?

hahahahah yes I have heard this about Russell Brand. This InfoWars stuff is a lot for me…

If I were an interviewer or whatever, and I got to talk to Mr Icke, I reckon I would approach it by interrogating his own logic, so to speak. For example: why is it to the advantage of lizards to control wealth and property in this world, if they exist in some different mode or ‘frequency’ of space-time? Can they transfer wealth between the ‘frequencies’? If so, how exactly?

And what is Mr Icke’s solution to the lizard problem?

How would he reliably identify the folks with reptilian DNA?

What would he do with them? Would he isolate or imprison them? Or…gulp…KILL them? (And wouldn’t it, in either event, kind of piss the lizards off?)

These are all questions that Mr Icke needs to address, in my humble opinion.

Sorry to interject here, but are you actually taking Russell Brand’s opinion on something seriously? Look, I find his stand-up comedy as funny as the next guy, but the guy is definitely off his rocker.

You can’t just take hard drugs full time for a decade like he did, especially through the formative years of brain development and expect to come out the other end with your mental faculties fully intact. In fact, his Wikipedia page looks like it’s describing the political and emotional outlook of an unstable 15 year old girl.

There is nothing mentally deranged about Stefan Molyneux. If you think there is something off about his views, there is nothing stopping you from going on his podcast and debating with him. It is probably easier to throw insults at him than actually be in a debate though

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“…are you actually taking Russell Brand’s opinion on something seriously?..”

I heard something he said. Any assumption that I am a fan/supporter of Russell Brand (either as a comic or as a political thinker) would be several lightyears wide of the mark :slight_smile:

Mr Brand is positioned to the left of moi - just evverr so slightly! :smiley:

I like listening to Stephan (is it Stephan or Stefan??) Molyneux. That isn’t to say I agree with all of his opinions - in fact, I think he is badly wrong on some issues. But he is 100% right about quite a lot of things too, IMO.

LOL, you’re a typical deluded Stefan Molyneux cultist. Everyone knows that Molyneux never allows proper debate on his show. Every time he brings a caller on its never to participate in a fair exchange of views, but to browbeat them into agreeing with his position, and to lob insults at them when he gets called out on his bullshit. There are a great many examples of him getting triggered, which you might want to watch for yourself.

“…LOL, you’re a typical deluded Stefan Molyneux cultist…”

Hm, so now I’m a “cultist”? :smiley:

You know what, I really don’t think so, Heiny babes.

I just like to listen to a range of viewpoints. This includes leftwing as well as rightwing, BTW.

Now isn’t that just a scream?

L oh L oh L oh efffing L.

Sorry buddy but this is not an argument. If you come on his show and are not prepared to give actual arguments, then obviously the debate is not going to fare well. Cant expect much more from people who throw ad hominem like candy though


Wait are you suggesting that David Icke says things that are inaccurate sometimes? omg