“SRS Due” Limit

Is it possible to limit the amount of words that are added to “SRS Due” each day? I find it very helpful to review this list but keeping the word count to a reasonable number is difficult. For example, if I miss a couple of days I have hundreds of words to review. A daily limit of 25 or 50 additional words would be nice. The SRS system is really the only complaint I have about LingQ. I don’t understand how it works and there is no way to adjust it. Thanks!

LingQs are selected for review based on our SRS (Spaced Repetition System) schedule. Status 1 - 1 day, Status 2 - 3 days, Status 3 - 1 week, Status 4 - 2 weeks, then 1 month, then 3 months.

But, keep in mind that you don’t need to learn them all using the Review. You will see them again in future lessons or, when you re-read or listen to the current lessons. Every time you see it or hear it is another review of that word. Most of your review will happen naturally in new lessons. The main thing is to make a lot of LingQs and keep moving. The words that matter will reappear in future lessons.


Thanks for the explanation!