?=ما سمعتك

"أ.هل تفهم عربي؟‬‫‬

.‫ب. نعم أفهم, لكن ما سمعتك‬"


Is the first person singular of the past tense of the verb سمع= to hear

i.e. I heard سمعت

with the accusative personal particle/ pronoun (?) (sorry I don’t know grammar terms in English, I learned Arabic in Hebrew ;)) ك - meaning “you”, either male or female, I can’t tell which from what you wrote because there are no vowels.

So the word means “I heard you”.

Arabic can do this with all verb forms… but I’m not sure it is used in spoken Arabic…

So you could have:

فهمته - I understood him
فهمتك - I understood you
سمعناه - We heard him

I think most native speakers of any language don’t know the whole grammer of their language yet because they don’t use it at all, maybe informal arabic is much useful to learn and it’s mostly used in daily life and that’s for people who learn it as a talking language not just for passing a test or applying for a job.
For me as a native arabic speaker i’ve never heard لكن ما سمعتك؟ in talking and even i don’t understand what you mean with it ! :smiley:

Marhaba Armia!
Yes, I learned what we call “literary Arabic”, and I can’t speak a word of the colloquial language, except, hello and how are you.
I think dooo was just asking about سمعتك though.

I hope we have soon some arabiclesson on Lingq.!!!

Thanks all. I was confused because google said it meant “Your reputation as…” Probably due to the lack of vowel markings.

Probably also because it was confused by a verb form with such an ending. Google translate isn’t that sophisticated (yet) for Arabic. But once you get the hang of these forms, and verb conjugations in the different constructs, you can figure out the meaning of the word pretty fast, because even if you don’t know the verb itself you can break down the word, and look up the three letter verb root.

Yeah and that’s what i mentioned in another forum called " Google Translate" that you might not get the meaning of the word you’re searching for as Dooo said due to the lack of vowel markings.

do you spek english
yes I do but I dont listen you

Im Moroccan,so im native arabic and i can understand this sentence despite being a little bit weird…
؟هل تفهم عربي=it means ,do u understand/speak Arabic?
ب. نعم أفهم, لكن ما سمعتك= yes i do,but I couldn’t hear you…