Центральная Азия на пороге перемен (Central Asia on the threshhold of big changes)

Islam Karimov, the hard President of Uzbekistan, died several days ago.
In the most of the countries in this region we see old leaders which will be chanhed during some next years.
And what can be after that?
I give my appraisal and my prognosis in this Russian article “Центральная Азия на пороге перемен”:


Thank you Evgueny

And here is the English version of my article about Central Asia and its perspectives, translated and read by Richard:

If LingQ still does the alternate translations feature for each lesson, can you post the English translation on the Russian one so I can refer to it if I get lost?

I don’t have the English translation to all my lessons.
The translations are made by my English native speaker-friends.
It isn’t a task, it is their wish if they like one or other of my articles.
During my sending the Russian article I don’t have the English translation.
it can appear later - two weeks or even two years later.
But sometimes I inform on the forum that this or that of my articles has also an English or German version.

I’m talking about the English translation made by your friend Richard. I’m asking if it’s possible to copy and paste the translation HE made to put in the original Russian one that you made (if LingQ still has the alternate translation button).

When you edit your lesson(s), you can click Resource and provide a translation.

One day I’ll try to add some English transkations also to my long articles, although I don’t know if it is possible in the new version of Lingq.
However, as a teacher I don’t believe that it can be useful for the language learners. I give some translations to my lessons for beginners, but also not for all lessons because we have to get accustomed going without crutches.
And I never give the translations to the lessons for Levels Intermediate 1&2. Who learn Russian can use the Russian articles. And who learn English or German can use the English or German versions.
And for those who would like to compare different versions, I give these links in the forum.

Und hier ist die deutsche Übersetzung meines Artikels über Zentralasien- ZENTRALASIEN AN DER SCHWELLE ZU VERÄNDERUNGEN: