Феномен полиглотов by Michael Erard

Does anyone know or have a digital DRM free copy of this book Феномен полиглотов ? I think it was called Babel No More when launched in Canada/US.
Or where can I get it or similar books? Are there are any good Russian ebook sites I can buy off without DRMs, and that allow me to buy if I am in the UK?
I find if I read books on the process of language learning, I learn fast, for some reason.
Any tips much appreciated.

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Hello, if you’re looking for this book, then look no further than https://annas-archive.org
Just type author’s name into the search bar, and you get the book that you’re looking for. I checked, and this book is available in english and french.
By the way, if you’re looking for russian literature specifically, then there exists russian open library. The website the I linked, annas-archive, is basicaly a search-engine for all the books that are stored by various people

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About audio book in Russian:

I have bougth one audio book from them. It comes as a .mp3. you can freely manipulate.

Hi! You can try https://www.litres.ru/ they sell ebooks in pdf without DRM. But Russia’s payment systems are separate from the rest of the world. Probably, you won’t be able to pay. Anyway, it’s worth looking at.

Thanks - but they don’t have the book in digital version.

Hi - thanks. It’s an ePub or pdf I am looking for.

Wow ---- I had never heard of this site before. I got the book!
Everyone should have a look on this site, as we can then import books to Lingq for our own use.


I recommend that anyone who seems to learn languages best by reading about how languages are acquired, or about how others have learnt them, and about languages themselves, as I seem to do for some reason, read this book Феномен полиглотов by Michael Erard. It contains about 20,000 unique words. So, a really good basis for anything else one might want on their journey to C1/2. I was directed to a site called annas.archive which is an amazing resource for all lingq users. https://annas-archive.org/