Unfortunately, a new sad event happaned in Ukraine, in Odessa. The House of trade Unions in Odessa was
set on fire by the supporters of ‘Right sector’. There are in the building the supporters of the federalisation of Ukraine among them women. More than 40 people were killed because of the fire.
Vive la democracy a la Kiev!
Here is my little article in Russian about this sad event:


It`s just a fascist regime.
They have deliberately burnt people alive.
What will our rebel-minded Steve say about this?

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@evgueny40 - make an english version, please. People have right to know the truth.

I will make an English version in a week.
But I’ve heard today the crazy version of the Kiev authorities that declare - the supporters of the federalisation themselves set in a flame the building where they tried to hide from the nationalists!!!
They set in fire the building in order to be burnt?!
But the the saddest thing that a lot of the western people believe in all this crazy nonsense!


@Evgueny: “…the saddest thing that a lot of the western people believe in all this crazy nonsense!..”

Some of us are more sceptical. If my political leaders (and their little boys and girls in the mainstream media) try to make me believe something, I start by assuming that it is at least partly untrue.

I have found this to be a rather good rule of thumb over the last two decades.

I’ve heard a news program from Russia today. They told that Odessa and Russia are in mourning.
They even told no word about the mourning in Ukraine. They told about Odessa AND Russia!!!
They did not tell ‘Ukraine declares two days of mourning’. It may seem like only Russia cares about it. But Russia did not declare mourning. Ukraine did!
What a shame and lies from Russia again :frowning:

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Guys, just remember: in these kind of conflicts, both sides are in the wrong (and sometimes in the right).

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Meanwhile there are some lessons in the Ukrainian part of LingQ available.

‘‘They did not tell ‘Ukraine declares two days of mourning’. It may seem like only Russia cares about it. But Russia did not declare mourning. Ukraine did!’’

Actually, it’s everywhere in the Russian media. And everybody knows it.
It was mentioned on RT as well:
‘’…President Aleksandr Turchinov signed a decree signaling two days of national mourning…‘’


My condolences to the families and friends of those killed and injured.

Ress, you see only what you want to see.

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The government of Ukraine is not fascist, no matter how many times this line is repeated.

From Wikipedia

“Fascist movements shared certain common features, including the veneration of the state, a devotion to a strong leader, and an emphasis on ultranationalism and militarism. Fascism views political violence, war, and imperialism as a means to achieve national rejuvenation,[6][9][10][11] and it asserts that stronger nations have the right to expand their territory by displacing weaker nations.[12]”

This description does not fit the disorganized group in Kiev trying to hold their country together.

There is so much inflamed rhetoric and violence in Ukraine, I hesitate to encourage more inflamed rhetoric here. I will, however, copy below, my original email to Evgueny on his article, as well as the comments from the Ukrainian Interior Minister’s Facebook page.

I think it is important to remember that this event represent a tragic loss of life. There are contradictory reports and accusations of how it all happened. It was not caused by the Ukrainian government, although the ineptitude of the law enforcement agencies may have contributed to the loss of life. No purpose is served by inflammatory accusations.

"The deaths in Odessa are truly tragic. Undoubtedly there will be speculation as to who started things and who caused the fire in the Trade Union Building. I think we should be careful about jumping to conclusions and limit ourselves to feeling sympathy for the dead, injured and their families.

The Ukrainian police have reported that the fire in the Trade Union Building was started by Molotov cocktails that were thrown from the roof of the building by pro-Russian demonstrators, who were also firing weapons down on the crowd below, and some of these incendiary devices accidentally landed inside the building through windows. The local police also report that a majority of the 172 people detained are citizens of Russia and Transnistria. I guess they will have to provide evidence of this. In the present state of information warfare it is difficult to accept anything at face value.

In any case, the information contained in your article Evgueny, similar to the information that I have seen in Russian news media, is not supported by video evidence that I have seen. It is clear that there were a number of pro-Russians firing pistols and machine guns into the pro-Ukrainian crowd, with the police just standing by. This was long before the fire started at the Trade Union Building.

So it is not possible to say who started things, nor to blame anything on Right Sector, or anybody else. We just need to wait to get all the information. It is also a good idea not to stir up emotions more than they already are stirred up."

Arsen Avakov
2 hrs · Edited ·
По Одессе. Буду мало эмоционален – более информативен.
Милиция в Одессе действовала безобразно, возможно преступно. Все руководство одесского главка освобождено от должностей. Ведется расследование по их деятельности. Никакого стыдливого прикрытия «чести мундира» не будет. Как не будет и огульного охаиванья. Но, давайте стыдливо не прикрывать и других «героев». Иначе мы никогда не вынесем верных уроков из таких событий.
Работать сегодня и так запредельно сложно, а тут…
Факт первый – в день столкновений, когда проукраинская хода болельщиков столкнулась с анти майданом, всех руководителей милиции прокурор собрал на совещание «как правильно бороться с беспорядками». Совещание продолжалось, как меня проинформировали, при выключенных телефонах, четыре(!!) часа. С 12 до 16 часов. Хода болельщиков началась в 15…
Факт второй – более 100 задержанных в ночь после беспорядков и смертей милиция намеревалась этапировать для суда и содержания под стражей в другой регион незамедлительно, что бы предупредить возможные беспорядки. Прокурор запретил.
Факт третий – сегодня после того, как толпа сепаратистов заблокировала горуправление Одессы и ворвалось во двор, прокурор принял решение отпустить задержанных…
На том все.

P/S Написал эти строчки в полевом лагере АТО. Неподалеку от Славянска. Последние несколько дней я почти все время провожу вместе с подразделениями МВД, ВС, СБУ. Здесь, на передовой все условности уходят на второй план. Здесь стреляют. Здесь все становится черно-белым. Потому, так особенно «достала» «поддержка» теневых «героев» на фоне и без того множественного предательства и безволия и по милицейским, и по многим государственным структурам.
Мы здесь постараемся не подвести. Закончим дело тут – обязательно поеду в Одессу. Работы много. Для всех.

Sergei, you have made my day. I am looking forward to studying the Ukrainian lessons you have added. It will be a relief to get at some literature and to move away from the atmosphere of tension surrounding the news that I follow in Ukrainian.

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@Steve - as for you, fascism is just definition in wiki.
As for Russians - it is a part of our life (I mean almost all of us have memories in our families in WW2).
You just can’t understand what I said.

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sdom, If you use a term, you should know what it means.

Don’t lecture me on Nazi horrors, my grandparents and uncles were killed by the Nazis.


Both sides were throwing Molotov cocktails in Odessa. Which device started the Trade Union building fire really doesn’t matter much. What matters much more is that Ukraine is heading towards civil war.

The sooner the rhetoric is toned down, from all sides including Kiev, Moscow, Brussels and Washington, the better. The only concern at this point should be to avoid unnecessary loss of life. The constitutional arrangement under which Ukrainians should live, even including the possibility of some areas joining Russia, should be decided by peaceful negotiation and popular vote,under fair and peaceful conditions (which don’t exist now and won’t exist before May 11 or May 25). In no way are these constitutional issues worth the lives of potentially hundreds or thousands of people.

It is the responsibility of all concerned, including the international community, to make sure this happens.

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A great site which exposes a lot of the lies put out in the media and social networks, in English and Russian. The Russian version is much more complete.

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‘‘The government of Ukraine is not fascist, no matter how many times this line is repeated’’.

As well as people in Odessa, Slaviansk, Kostyantynivka etc. etc. are not terrorists to launch anti-terrorist operation against them.


Here is a set of photos shot by a resident of Odessa. There are also comments in Russian.


@Steve - “sdom, If you use a term, you should know what it means. Don’t lecture me on Nazi horrors”.

Thank you for your explanation. I know the definition.
But here there is also such definition in a wide sense:
fascist is about cruel and anti-human actions on a national basis.
We see that in Ukraine.

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