НАЧАЛЬНЫЙ ЭТАП ИЗУЧЕНИЯ ЯЗЫКА (The initial stage of the language study)

I consider the primary stage of the language study as the most important by learning.
I’ve written today an article about it in Russian.
You can find this article following the link:

You can write here your own opinions about the initial stage of language study. It can be interesting.

If I have later the English or German translation of this article, I’ll inform you.
Good luck!

Thanks for this Evgueny. It touches on a lot of problems I have encountered over the past year. Only in the last few months have I seriously tried to pay attention to the Russian case system, and when to use the imperfective/perfective etc. And it’s paying off. I’m actually finding it relatively fun as well, which I wasn’t expecting.

Prior to that I was just reading and LingQ’ing dialogues without paying attention to the grammatical structures - I was just hoping to learn words and eventually be able to speak Russian! I now know that that wasn’t the most efficient way for me to study. But I think a lot of language study is also about learning how to learn! At least for those learning their first foreign language anyway…

Thanks, Josh.
Of course, the methods of the learning can be different, but we all can’r avoid this initial stage, our ‘base’ for the further study. And if we don’t make this base strong and solid, we won’t be able to be sure also in all other stages.
That’s why it’s very dangerous to be in hurry by learning these ‘first steps’ of every new language.

Thanks for the new lesson. I was reading this one this morning. I like this course a lot. I have already finished all the lessons in it. I start to feel that my comprehension in Russian is getting significantly better, but I still have a long way to go.

Evgueny, I have tried to read your article, but as it contains over 150 unknown words, I found it difficult to understand it completely. Are you arguing for a Grammar based approach in the initial stages, or have I missed the point? My own Russian language learning process is to read and listen to texts, learn the words with flashcards, re-read and listen. I am also listening and analysing songs using an app. called Russian via Songs and listening to podcasts on http://russianpodcast.eu/podcasts.html I am also reading a textbook every evening to cover grammar rules.Is my approach in line with what you are recommending in your article? Or should I be doing anything differently?.

Alan, my friend Richard from the UK started to translate this aticle, we will record it in a week and I’ll inform it here after recording.
By the way, it’s also a good method of learning language - to compare the version of your mother language with the verrsion of your target language. It helped me a lot with my German.
What you are doing, it’s OK. There are some general methods and some nethods that are more convenient for certain person. I think the second, personal methods are even more important.
But all in all, I believe that in the primary, initial stage WE HAVE TO LEARN BE HEART at least 700 words of a new language and TO GET ACCUSTOMED to the most popular CONSTRUCTIONS of this target language very thoroughly and without hurring because it would be you “base”, your safe place, “safe island” in the ocean of a new language from where you can set off for discovery new horizons and new "lands’ in your new language.

I promised to inform everyone when I have an English translation.

Now I can give you the link to the English translation of my article about the elementary stage of learning language.

It can be useful for learning of every language: