Как удобно найти носителя языка, который я изучаю, для разговорного обмена

Всем привет,

возможно, я плохо искал, но вопрос такой:

Если конкретно, то я сейчас изучаю в LingQ`е чешский язык и для разговорной практики было бы здорово найти здесь чеха (т.е. носителя чешского языка, для которого чешский - родной) для разговоров по Skype.
При этом было бы замечательно, если бы этот самый чех в настоящее время изучал русский язык - мой родной. В качестве взаимозачета я бы с удовольствием разговаривал с ним по-русски.
В итоге: для чеха - практика в русском языке, для меня - в чешском.

Внимание, вопрос: есть ли такая возможность обратиться (одновременно) ко всем чехам в LingQ, изучающим русский язык?

Естественно, вопрос остается в случае других языков.

Буду признателен за ответы.


may be I`ve been looking for solution not so hard, but I have such a question:

As an example, nowdays I learning Czech by LingQ and it would be great for me to find a Czech (a native Czech) for Skype conversations.
And it would be great if that Chech will be studying Russian - my native language. For bonus I would be speaking Russian with Czech.

So, it would be a conversational practice for me in Czech, for him - in Russian.

And my question is: is there such opportunity to address to every Czech who study Russian here in LingQ ?

Of course, the question remains the same in the cases of other languages.

Thanks for answers.

@sdom - If you go to the Exchange then click “Advanced Search” at the top right, you’ll be able to filter members by their native language, the language they are studying, their country and more. For your specific search, I would recommend setting “Native” to Czech and “Learning” to Russian, as this will show you all of the native Czech members who are learning Russian.

Alex, thank you for answer!


By the way, I think it would be more comfortable to set choice ON when you choose something from the list.
I mean when I choose f.e. language nothing changes.

Maybe other users do not find it reasonable.

And apropos - in statistic field sometimes when I choose “Today”, data remains the same. And you need to choose “Yesterday” or smt. else, then “Today”, and only then you can see current today statistic.

P.S. I use Firefox 25.0.1