ИСТОРИЯ НОВОГОДНЕЙ ЁЛКИ (The History of the Christmas tree)

In the eve of the New Year I remember the history of a Christmas Tree.
I think it can be interesting to everyone who is studying Russian.
Here is tghe link:

Happy New Year 2016!

A pity, I do not speak Russian. (Neither English) :slight_smile:

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In January I’ll try to translate it into English, but not now.
Anyway - Happy New Year, Lu!

Thanks Evgueny

Евгену, спасиба вам за этого. я могу дабавить что в современном Иерусалиме городское государство безплатно отдает ёлки, прежде всего сохранить лес. Всё равно, я думаю что это хорошая идея.

Спасибо за интересную, своевременную информацию. С новым годом!

My vocabulary is getting there.

In Germany, I think my relatives had candles in their trees. Let’s just say the tradition wasn’t a safe one.

As I promised, I send the English translation of my ‘History of the Crtistmas tree’.
Here you can find the link to the translation:

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Thanks Evegueny! Also, is there any way to post the English translation on the Russian one, so I can compare the two together as a guide when I’m trying to read the Russian one?

It was such an opportunaty two years ago, but now I can’t find the field for the replacement of the translation.
But if you have Window 8 or Window 10, you can open two windows at the same time on the screen to see the Russian and the English versions.

Great, thanks for letting us know.