¿Quedamos? B2

For those of you who enjoyed our worldwide famous collection “Me mudé a Madrid” B1 (Season 1 - ¡Me mudé a Madrid! - B1 - LingQ Language Library) and C1 (Season 1 - ¡Me mudé a Madrid! - C1 - LingQ Language Library) we have the pleasure to announce you the international release of the second part of this story, called ¿Quedamos?

We will be launching this collection tomorrow, Sunday 17th, so stay tunned! :slight_smile:

Such a tease! I can’t wait.

Ok, we know that we have just announced the release of the new collection for tomorrow, but we are so excited about this new story, that we couldn’t help it and we have already released the 3 first lessons!! Just to wet your apetite! :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to the collection: Season 2 - ¿Quedamos? - B1 - LingQ Language Library

Remember, tomorrow the full story!! :wink:

I can’t wait!!!

So finally we have released the whole collection. You can find it in the previous link: Season 2 - ¿Quedamos? - B1 - LingQ Language Library

We hope you enjoy it!

As always, if you have any question related to the lessons, just ask!! :slight_smile: